With the ending of my Illuminati (Dungeon World) campaign drawing near. I have been preparing to launch my own home brew campaign while taking from all the systems I love. That is what Stars Upon Stars is, I have an abundant of applications already in 2 days, but I would like to still extend my hand further to the community I support. So if your game, this may be for you.

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  1. Aaron Griffin I am running the most basic moves from uncharted worlds. System remains at 2d6 and currently steal tweaking the ship rules which come in basic or class exclusive forms. This game is role play interactions, resource management, and a course combat. Once the ship rules are satisfactory, I’ll publicly post them.

  2. Cody FromSideThree I am currently doing interviews from top to bottom on applications. We can talk about all that when i reach you, I only finsihed the first three i think ur number 7 on the applications.

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