Looking for a bit of feedback on this one.

Looking for a bit of feedback on this one.

Looking for a bit of feedback on this one. I’m pretty happy with the concept, but I figure it would be a good idea to get more eyes on it before I drop it into my home game.

Prudence First and Silence Second

3 weight

Two Handed, Hand, Close, Precise, 1 Piercing, +1 Armor

“One of the more controversial creations of Madame Fayne Gwethana, an infamous student of unnatural philosophy at the Scholarium Obscura. Said by many of Fayne’s peers to go against the very spirit of wizard’s duels, Prudence First and Silence Second are antimagic duelist’s tools designed for engaging spellcasters in direct combat.”

These enchanted weapons are designed to be used together in battle. It isn’t clear which name is meant to refer to the dueling rapier and which is meant for the dagger, but when wielded independently of the other they function like their respective mundane items in all regards. When you fight with Prudence First and Silence Second in your hands, you parry the very winds of magic. The +1 armor granted by your dagger cannot be ignored by magical attacks with the ignores armor tag.

When you hack and slash, you may completely disrupt the magical effects of any counterattack that would come as the consequence of a 7-9 roll. Your enemy must meet your attack with their own strength alone, or watch their spellworks fizzle. On 10+, you may additionally disturb or destroy any ongoing magical effect maintained by your target as if you had cast the wizard spell Dispel Magic.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a bit of feedback on this one.”

  1. I really like the concept.

    The bit about adding tags when used together is kind of confusing though. Why not list the weapon as a set? So, hand/close, two-handed, precise 1-piercing, and just note that they have no special qualities when used separately.

    I really don’t like the trigger for the move. It’s referencing something the player does (rolling Hack & Slash) and not something the character does. I feel the move could be simplified to something like this:

    “*While you hold Prudence First and Silence Second in your hands,* you gain +1 armour that may never be bypassed, and you can attack the very winds of magic.”

  2. Chris Stone-Bush

    That’s a wonderful idea for making things a bit easier to follow. I think I got a bit caught up by the idea that these two items would initially be found separately that I made things a lot more complex than they needed to be. I’ve made edits accordingly. Thank you!

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