18 thoughts on “Don’t you die on me!”

  1. I wonder what it says about me that I immediately began to think of what the reversal would be. “When you sacrifice a loved one to the Dark Gods, roll +Bond…” 🙂

    I dunno, maybe I’ve been reading too much Elric lately.

  2. Peter J On a 7-9, they get the +1, but whatever caused their untimely demise is still lingering about them, and your speech is certainly not very discreet

  3. Last Breath says nothing about aid.

    I had a Last Breath aid in one of my Games on Demand games — a cleric cast Speak With Dead on the character that was Last Breathing and basically browbeat him into defying Death.

    It was just like Eric said … “don’t you die on me!”

  4. Sebastian Baker it does not. There’s no reason, for example, why you couldn’t rush to their side and, say, try to staunch their bleeding or cast Cure Light Wounds or whatever and thus roll to Aid.

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