13 thoughts on “Who can recommend great DW resources for play with a GM and 1 player?”

  1. Over at Encoded Designs we’re playtesting a supplement called the Legacy Weapon. It’s intended for use with one on one Dungeon World play.

    It allows for a weapon to bestow some moves from other playbooks onto a character to give them the tools to adventure alone. The weapon also has cravings and can curse the character making it a pretty give and take play experience.

    Last, when characters make the Last Breath move the weapon has the potential to take moves from the current character and add them to itself so if the character dies you can have another character pick up the weapon and have something from the previous character.

    We’re planning on releasing it either late this month or early next month. Here’s a preview page


  2. i’m on mobile, so i can’t link it easily, but somewhere in this community is an adventure thing called Into the Briarwood. it’s kinda crawly, but has an interesting premise

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