I need inspiration…

I need inspiration…

I need inspiration…

Sometime ago in my campaign, the Thief was almost killed but succeeded on their Last Breath roll – with a price. They saw a vision of an avatar of their god, instructing them on a mission to repay the debt. This quest is going to end in the next couple of sessions.

The Thief is also in the possession of a intelligent, somewhat cursed crown, a key item for the current adventure. After the events of this adventure are concluded – at which point the Thief’s divine mission will also be completed – I want to give them a useful magical item. As we treated the crown as a treasure already, and I think it is appropriate for the Thief to get something after having to leave the crown.

So as the Thief worship the god of humans, a god of fire and war, and the campaign had a strong fiery theme surrounding this god’s followers, I thought about giving the Thief an Ember Heart – which may literally replace their heart. It is also a symbol of the second life the character got from their deity.

Problem is, I have no idea what power or unique move to give this magical gift…

Your help will be appreciated.

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  1. His blood ignites on contact with air – if he coats a blade with his blood, he can make it flaming for a short while. Bleeding wounds cauterize themselves, and infections are sterilized almost immediately. Injuries done by others will cause small puffs of flame, which might scare off attackers.

  2. Bit sillier… Heartburn – when you activate your fiery heart, you take the Sick debility and experience a burning in your throat and chest. You gain a fiery breath weapon that deals your damage, and lasts as long as the debility lasts. You can only make this move when you do not already have the Sick debility from another source.

  3. He can inflame the hearts of others – by speaking to someone, he can incite them to extremes of anger, courage, or passion, and playing on those emotions counts as leverage for parleying.

  4. He’s been chosen as one of his god’s servants – every time he dies, his god will appear before him with a new mission. If he accepts, he returns to life without needing to roll. If he declines, or if he still hasn’t completed his last mission, he belongs to Death (Basically, every last breath is an automatic 7-9).

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