With 2e’s additional content around settlements, I’ve been wondering what’s missing for anyone wanting to play in…

With 2e’s additional content around settlements, I’ve been wondering what’s missing for anyone wanting to play in…

With 2e’s additional content around settlements, I’ve been wondering what’s missing for anyone wanting to play in the True Frontier. To that end, here’s a move to make a mini-settlement where the party can make Downtime moves.


When you spend a week building up a small outpost on the frontier, you must first Scout the area, dealing with any threats. Then, roll+nothing, +1 if you pick the +1 forward from Scout, and choosing 1 more option if you find beneficial terrain. On a 10+, choose 3, On a 7-9, choose 2, On a 6-, Don’t mark XP and choose 1.

– Circle the Wagons: You’re able to build up some defenses, the specifics depending on local resources

– Creature Comforts: Lodging counts as Modest instead of Poor for Recover

– Good Hunting: As a Downtime move, gain 4D6 rations

– Curious Visitors: You can Recruit from local inhabitants or travelers

– Placid Environs: +1 Peace for Pass Time

At the Outpost you can…

– Find enough food to sustain you without tracking Rations.

Bank It by burying or hiding your stash to retrieve later.

Pass Time at 0 Peace and Poor Conditions, treating settlement events as GM moves, and make Downtime Moves. After each week, everyone should Keep Company once due to the isolation.

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  1. What if it was a spend hold on check boxes move like creating a spell?


    When you spend a week building a small outpost in the frontier, roll +nothing, 10+ => 3 hold; 7-9 => 2 hold; 6- => no xp, 1 hold.

    Spend hold to

    [ ] Scout the Area: Chosen Scout finds a Danger to the settlement. Roll +WIS, 10+, you get the drop on it. 7+, choose 1:

    – The Danger has consequences that affect the greater world in a significant way.

    – It is not the only Danger to affect the settlement, you will need to scout again.

    – You will probably have to relocate your outpost to another nearby, but less convenient location.

    [ ] Draw the Plans: Choose one player to act as Engineer. They roll +INT, on a 10+, hold 2, on a 7-9, hold 1. Spend hold to:

    – Complete the plans in record time! Hold 1 for the building of the settlement. (Take this only once)

    – Efficient and Clever Design! Reduce the needed build ticks by one.

    – Just a Little Something Extra: Add an upgrade to the outpost (and increase the build ticks required by the appropriate amount)

    – Solid and Sturdy: Increase the build ticks required and the Quality by one. (Take at most two times)

    You can Draw Plans as many times as you want, but once Building has started, you may not return.

    [ ] Fund: Take this for each build tick you must build (default 3.), pay 100 sp to pay for supplies, If a source of supplies is nearby, pay only 50sp, if the closest is far, pay 150. If supplies such as wood may be harvested using local resources, half of the build ticks may be filled by paying half price, but an additional hold to harvest materials.

    [ ] Build: When you Build for the first time, choose a Foreperson, and for the second, a Laborer. If you choose a Laborer, that represents one Worker who outshines the other, if you Choose Foreperson, that represents one person who organised the work.


    Roll +STR or +Foreperson bonus, on 10+, increase the quality of the outpost by 1 OR gain one hold for the constriction process. On a 7-9, the work is done as normal.


    Roll +CHA, on a 10+, + to the Laborer roll based off the number of workers:

    1 = 0

    2-3 = 1

    4-5 = 2

    5+ = 3

    OR the work is done quicky, gain one hold to the onstruction prosses

    On a 7-9, +1 to the Laborer roll

    [ ] Outfit: A Outpost’s Supply works like Ammo. Spend 100 sp and one hold to increase the supply level of the outpost. Then you must spend 1 hold and 50 sp per Quality level to supply furnishings

    Outpost have 2 stats, Quality, which ranges from 3 to +3, and supply, which works like Ammo.

    When you RETURN TO AN UNPROTECTED OUTPOST that was occupied recently, roll +LUC, on a 10+, chose 3, on a 7-9, choose 2, on a 6, choose 1

    – Supplies have not spoiled (Otherwise reduce supply by one)

    – Something has not moved in.

    – The outpost is not run down (Otherwise reduce Quality by 1)

    – One item you have in stroage is not missing


    Roll -the cube root of the item’s cost (round up), +1, on a 10+, the it is right there, on a 7-9, it’s there, but choose 1:

    – It is a lower-quality substitute,

    – There’s not much stuff left, reduce supply by 1

    – It takes several hours to find it.

    You can also store specific items into the Outpost, putting the into storage. By default, storage can hold 50 wt of items.

    You may Deposit 10 uses of Adventuring Gear to regain one Storage.

    Upgrades: Work out how you want to improve your outpost with the Judge, and determine the work tick cost of the upgrade. They you may expand the settlement.

    Basic upgrades:

    2 work: Increase Storage by 50wt

    Absolute value of Quality work: + 1 Quality

    These are mostly ramblings, and I think the complexity got away from me a bit, and I have not edited it.

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