Advice request.

Advice request.

Advice request. I’m running my first real session of Dungeon World tomorrow (I ran a one-shot once). This game is via Roll20. I have a hex map prepared for an area. Should I just show the entire map and let them plot their course, or should I use fog of war and reveal as they go? The characters have never been in this region before. Thx for any advice!

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  1. What is it for? If it’s just a general world map then show it. Or of its a hexcrawl or its all about exploration then sure put fog of war on it.

  2. I’d show it, so they can set off towards things they’re interested in (both IC and OOC) instead of just picking a direction at random. Not knowing where the cool stuff is isn’t an especially interesting obstacle, IMO.

    Real, off menu answer, though: I’d ask the players to help build the map. Ask them about rumors their characters have heard, ask leading questions about dangers and monsters, legends and wars. Tie the questions to their playbooks, and add things to the map related to the answers they give.

    Folks get way more invested in a campaign and setting they help author, and collaboration of that sort is very Dungeon World-y.

  3. I second Mark Tygart. Perilous wilds map creation is great. However if you are diving right in with a pre-made map definitely ask the questions James Etheridge outlined: rumors, dangers, monsters, legends, etc. see what resonates with your players and start making connections together. Then ask: “what do you do?” 🙂

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