I ran my first session today!

I ran my first session today!

I ran my first session today! I have a little game going online with a couple siblings and a friend, and I converted to DW from D&D 5e. We took the first 45 minutes to do up our characters, then we were off. It was so natural and awesome, everything just worked! Pretty sure I did some things wrong, but everyone had fun.

My biggest weakness as a GM has always been my grasp of the rules and making the word seem real. Every time a D&D rule or combat tripped me up, that weakness was revealed. Now, I feel like I can make the game work and build up my skill, rather than being discouraged and burnt out too quickly.

5 thoughts on “I ran my first session today!”

  1. One thing I’ve gotta work on is not giving the answer in my descriptions. I’ve been watching a lot of Matt Colville lately, and trying to integrate his advice. Instead, I often describe the information you’d need to draw a conclusion and then… just say it. Oops.

  2. I don’t know why because I’ve gmed more complex games then d&d before but that one game I do fall easily apart in and find everything I do session wise really bad. Weird that…

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