13 thoughts on “Anyone know why bows and crossbows don’t have the two-handed tag?”

  1. Saul Alexander, this sounds right. I see weapon tags as reminders more than anything. “Don’t forget that your greataxe can knock someone back or rip them apart, not just deal them damage”

  2. Saul Alexander That would work for raining arrows.

    I must say, now looking at the crossbow and bow… there’s even a reload tag on the crossbow. This is why David and I like to get as many people to proofread as possible so these types of things do get over looked. It still can happen though. *sigh*

  3. i thought the reload tag on the crossbow was to make it clear its a whole different thing to reload the crossbow, its not like drawing and firing like a bow, you need to spend time just to reload, then fire again

    our dwarf with crossbow hated having to reload it (his player loved it) as it always got him in trouble with intelligent enemies

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