7 thoughts on “Megadungeons with DW?”

  1. I’ve done it using my Freebooters on the Frontier hack, which is focused on treasure hunting. I’ve run it improvised, where we drew the map as we went (sometimes very broadly by area of dungeon instead of by the 10′ square), and using pre-written stuff two other times (Stonehell and Caverns of Thracia).

    Both approaches worked out pretty well, and each had its advantage. The pre-written dungeons made it easier for me as a GM because there was stuff to fall back on, and it was easy enough to change stuff as demanded by our “playing to find out.” The improv approach had the thrill and pressure that comes with the territory, the biggest pressure being to make the map “work.” Relying on a less detailed map in some areas helped alleviate that to some degree.

    We never played more than a couple of sessions of any one megadungeon, so no experience with long-term play, but I imagine if the whole idea was made clear to everyone up front that it could work just fine.

  2. I think if I were to do it, I would:

    1. Make one of those side map to create thematic levels for the dungeon.

    2. Do the dungeon starter method of 10-15 impressions per levels.

    3. Use maps but only put 3-5 fixed location/encounter per levels with a mind for interesting encounters/fights

    4. Make custom moves for those fixed location.

    5. Build 3-4 fronts for the different groups in the dungeon.

    6. Create leading questions that link the PC to the exploration of the dungeon.

  3. I’ve been running Rappan Athuk as a dungeon world campaign. The only surprise has been how quickly the characters get to level 10. No more than three levels were fully explored. This has forced us to consider the place of high level but “retired” adventurers, even as new ones continue the delve.

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