Crypt Seer (Solitary, Stealthy, Construct)

Teleports 16 HP 0 armor

Close, Far

Special Qualities: Undead Construct

A rare variant version of the Crypt Thing, the Crypt Seer inhabits a distant and dangerous location; usually a crypt deep in a dungeon. It will answer almost any question or teleport a party home in exchange for a rare (often magical) item the party has which it covets. Talkative and entertaining it will never answer a question truthfully that it has not been paid for with a offering by the party. It appears as a skeleton in tattered robes with glowing blue eyes. Items given to a Crypt Seer in payment will vanish mysteriously; sometimes reappearing later in a distant hoard.It normally waits in an alcove or on a chair provided for it.

Instinct: Demand offering

Answers questions for offerings

Teleports hostiles to nasty locations


Lies unless paid