2 thoughts on “Did somebody say Death Knight?”

  1. A few suggestions and observations:

    I would suggest putting the “For use with Dungeon World” logo on the front to let customers know this is a DW product, not D&D.

    The format is clearly the one used for Dungeons and Dragons 5e products on http://www.dmsguild.com/ which may throw off or confuse potential customers.

    As a customer I find it super shady when I cant at least preview what the product is all about. There is the quick preview option but that doesn’t really tell me much about the class and its core mechanics.

  2. Victor, thanks so much for giving your feedback. A couple of things:

    1. While I see your point on using D&D 5E trade dress, we value the fact that we have a consistent layout that we use regardless of system product. We also try to be very clear that this is a DW product with the language used on the cover. Still, we may consider taking a slightly different layout approach on our next DW class (coming soon!) based on your feedback.

    2. Point well taken on the preview. We struggle on how much we “give away” on the preview when we list something on OBS, but ultimately agreed with your assertion. We put in a request to OBS to show an additional page of the product within the preview, so hopefully that be updated within an hour or so after the time of this post.

    Thanks again for your thoughts, Victor. Hearing folks like you is what lets us know what we are doing well and what we can do better.



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