7 thoughts on “OK perilous delvers.”

  1. Common

    Stone passage

    Slanting passage

    Rubble-choked room

    Ruined gallery

    Spiral stair

    Fissure (natural defile leading into surrounding rock)


    The Warrens

    Delvers’ Redoubt

    Grave of the Guardian

    Sealed Chamber

    The Archway

  2. David Perry, one of the players in a group I GM for has done some amazing d12 tables of common and unique areas for each dungeon type. I’ll ask if he wants to share them here. He asked me to provide some more insight about “Source/Portal”

  3. The portal is a giant, geobiological pore; strange ‘soil’ made of densely packed globules gives way to tunnels buzzing with spherical creatures whisked too and fro by strong air currents.

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