2 thoughts on “Hi! Jason Lutes!”

  1. Hi Vittorio — the text for all L&B products with the exception of Perilous Almanacs and Perilous Deeps is free for you to reuse under a Creative Commons license, but copyright to all of the art is held by the individual artists.

    I do not oversee, coordinate, or troubleshoot any of the translation or re-publication of L&B stuff. As a result, for your own sake, you should do your due diligence to make sure no one else is publishing or planning to publish the work in Portuguese.

    A token payment of some kind is appreciated, but not required. All L&B profit gets divided amongst contributors proportionate to the size of their contributions.

    If you have any specific questions or want any artist contact info, you can message me privately.


  2. Hi! Jason Lutes! I left a couple messages for you on hangouts. Do you mind to give a look at them? (sorry about that, I don’t have your email yet).

    Is there any means to publish the Perilous Almanacs and Perilous Deeps contents in brazilian portuguese?

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