8 thoughts on “Your favorite boss monster for the end of an adventure or one-shot?”

  1. Gregory Daily can attest to this one:

    The Chimerapus (see profile pic for reference)

    A fire-breathing Platypus the size of a horse, with a scorpion tail and venom that displaces you in space.

    It was just a natural creature in the world, and a perfect example of what happens when you give the players all the power. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

  2. Still untested but I’m day-dreaming of:

    -a fight with a gargantuan collosus (think Shadow of the colossus) guarding a powerful magic item

    -a medusa in the middle of her lair, a gallery of stone “statues”

    -a seductress vampire sitting in a desecrated cathedral amongst her enthralled half-naked servants.

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