Looking for people for a second round of feedback for my races project (human, elf, halfling, dwarf).

Looking for people for a second round of feedback for my races project (human, elf, halfling, dwarf).

Looking for people for a second round of feedback for my races project (human, elf, halfling, dwarf). Please indicate clearly in the comments if you are interested.

The project treats races a bit like compendium classes, mainly focusing on generic racial move options usable across different classes: a few starting ones, four 2+, and four 6+ moves.

28 thoughts on “Looking for people for a second round of feedback for my races project (human, elf, halfling, dwarf).”

  1. Gerard Snow William Nichols At 1st level you pick your race like normal, say dwarf. Then you could take the racial move for dwarf that your class provides., but if you are using my stuff you would also have 3 alternative choices to take instead of your class racial move, or take a move for being a half breed (like a 1/2 Dwarf, 1/2 Halfling) which opens up the racial advanced moves for both races. Then there are more dwarven moves for advanced levels that you could typically take instead of your class ones. The amount of advanced racial moves you take, and thus how much your race impacts your character, is completely up to each player.

  2. I have a paladin racial for dwarves that I have been trying to get someone to run: when the GM picks vows for your quest, temperance is not an option.

  3. Jason Shea​​​ by allowing half-breed access to the best of both racial classes aren’t you opening a tempting gate for min max? Why choose anything but to be a half-breed if mechanical optimization is a thing.

    Perhaps limit the half-breed to choosing the Advanced Moves of only one of their parents or otherwise reducing the effectiveness i.e. the half-breed is Jack Of All Trades but Master Of None.

    Just a thought with limited info to draw upon…

    EDIT: corrections to auto-correct

  4. Robert Jacobs RidersOfRohan I’m looking at the moves available and not really seeing how someone would min-max it. I’ll be interested to see what you think once you look at them. Keep in mind, that taking half-breed eats your starting move, so you are already down 1 move.

  5. Okay, Jason Shea. Like I said, hard to provide good feedback on something we haven’t seen yet. 🙂

    At the end of the day, no matter what, if it works for your table I’d call it a success.

  6. I sent out the links in a separate post to everyone who indicated interest. If you didn’t get a notification you may want to loosen up your notification settings for G+. Let me know and I can tag you in the post.

  7. Josh C Yeah, I recommend everyone go to their G+ settings and change “who can send you notifications?” to ‘everyone’ and then below where the ‘notifications’ section is flip on all the stuff under ‘posts,’ especially ‘shares a post with you directly’. That’s what I did to make sure I never miss anything. In the future I’ll make sure to tag people in the post just in case. 😉

  8. Jason Shea​ that’s not a good recommendation. Seriously. Everyone should loosen their privacy settings just to give you feedback on your stuff? Make it easy on the people you are asking for help to give you help.

    I’m with RidersOfRohan​: throw it on Google Docs, Comment Only, No Download and provide the shareable link.

  9. Robert Jacobs I apologize for any offense. My intention wasn’t to say you all need to do that, but saying what I do. There is a project I would have missed recently if I didn’t have those settings. I still messed up by saying it at all. My bad.

    I also forgot to put in a direct link or anything, which an oversight I regret. One of the other posters commented that they saw the post in their feed (implies that you could all too), but they commented on the other post, not here, and I didn’t realize that this information wasn’t there for you guys to take advantage of. Either way, I messed up by writing that stuff and not being clear about how you all can access the links right now. I’m pretty new to soliciting closed feedback through G+, and I’m still figuring it out.

    Anyway, here is a direct link to the post, which you should all be able to access since it is shared with you, but I’ll also tag you all in it just in case. https://plus.google.com/u/0/116778651030776699740/posts/dQwZ4miQFYg

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