You may ignore the clumsy tag on any armor

You may ignore the clumsy tag on any armor

You may ignore the clumsy tag on any armor

Found this interesting video that shows the kind of training program one might need to move about in full plate. If someone asks if they can take the “Armored” move for multi classing, ask them if they’ve been do this exercise routine in the fiction.

5 thoughts on “You may ignore the clumsy tag on any armor”

  1. I wouldn’t bother. I view the clumsy tag as a myth, but could stand to have a “tiring” tag. I’d just assume anyone who was sufficiently fit to already have no negative modifiers on their physical attributes would be sufficiently active to wear armor without having explicit training in doing so.

  2. Nothing in the video suggests the actual person shown had done this training regime before. If anything, this video suggests to me that a fit person is capable of doing a lot in armour without lengthy training.

  3. Dave Sealy Not just this video. Actual people who’ve worn armor for athletic purposes also say that outright, including this former LARPer. Granted most of my armor was not as heavy as the real stuff, when I had occasion to don the real stuff it was more stuffy than awkward to move in.

  4. Having wandered around on many a day in full armor on more than a few occasions (thanks, SCA) well fitted armor is very comfortable. It’s when it’s not well fitted or correctly worn things get bad. Armor bites hurt a lot.

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