Online Prep #tipoftheday :

Online Prep #tipoftheday :

Originally shared by Vincent Quigley

Online Prep #tipoftheday :

I recommend using to find icons to differentiate your different handout/documents in Roll20.

Here’s an example for my Grim portents and Stakes questions from my upcoming game of #dungeonworld using #coldruinsoflastlife. It’s a bit of a #spoiler:

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  1. Red Dice Diaries this is a screenshot from the left side of my Roll20 session. Roll20 is IMHO the best solution for online rpg currently. If you don’t know about it, you should check it out.

  2. Vincent Quigley: I’ve used it a little but found the video chat too temperamental for my liking, I’ve not considered using it to store session notes though, this may prompt me to re-evaluate. Given Google Hangouts losing apps something like Skype with Roll20 in the background may be a good alternative.

  3. Red Dice Diaries that’s exactly what I intend on doing. We will use the tabletop section of the app to reference map or as visual board where I can easily drop image for my players to see or do a quick drawing for everyone to get situated and use Skype for audio/video. I’m also waiting to see the video implementation in Discord soon.

  4. Red Dice Diaries FYI, our benevolant Creator-God Adam Koebel​ has a great series of videos on youtube to help you with Roll20 given that he works for them as their resident GM.

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