So, that is a handout for druids. Pick your land, and you’ll have a list of interesting animals living there, and a couple of animal shapes.

Some notes and questions:

1) as usual, english is not my native language. Feel free to correct me. The same for the design, i just slapped words on a page.

2) I did not put any suggestion for Tells, since you just choose one at the beginning of the game. Do you think it would be useful?

3) in the “Creature” lists, only real world animals are listed. At the bottom of each shapesheet, there is mythological creature – if you don’t like that, cut it out: it’s on the bottom for this reason.

There are also giant spiders, giant scorpions and mammoth listed as “natural” creatures. I mean, they’re so cool.

4) Sapphire Island are supposed to be some tropical island.

The great forest is supposed to be a temperate forest.

I put in the wasteland those animals who are resistant to pollution or feed carcasses. Feel free to disregard those indication!

In one of my coolest games the druid was shapeshifting into dinosaurs from “the Depth of Earth.”


9 thoughts on “DRUID SHAPE SHEETS”

  1. First impression: this is very cool. I love how surprising some of the animal moves are.

    I also love that “Cat” takes the place of the mythological creatures for Those Who Live with Humanity.

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