The Green Scar is officially out in print!

The Green Scar is officially out in print!

The Green Scar is officially out in print! The bundle linked includes both print books and all the PDFs at one price. (If you’ve bought some or all of the PDFs before, their value will get taken off the bundle automatically.)

Thank you to everyone here who’s lent their support over the years(!) I hope these bring you many hours of fantastic adventure with your gaming groups. I’m planning a third book to round out the trilogy later this year, so watch this space!–PDF-BUNDLE

6 thoughts on “The Green Scar is officially out in print!”

  1. neko cam The “bundle price” is arbitrary – some of the others in the bundle are $1 or 1c, so overall there is a discount. I suppose it looks like a better deal if you spread out the discount equally across the books, but it makes no practical difference.

  2. Robert Corr I thought it might have been something like that. Just from a marketing sort of standpoint it looks odd is all.

    Absolutely no argument here that it isn’t actually a bargain 🙂

  3. neko cam Yeah. Looks like he probably set everything to a dollar, then used the last item to get the total price he was aiming for, without realising the individual prices would be displayed like that.

  4. Yeah, its annoying isn’t it! You have to add the PDFs as separate products too, even though they’re free if you buy the print copies alone. So it looks like 40 bucks worth of stuff but realistically it’s less than that.

    Everything has an arbitrary value in the deal as (I think) that’s the only way I can track new sales, but I could be wrong on that.

    Reading between the lines, the intention is you’re getting the print books at a discount and Jakabol for next to nothing. I’ll see if I can switch up the deal prices to reflect that better.

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