Since i’ll be playing DW with my bf and some of our friends, and they played DW, i thought to make a print of some item cards to help keep track of the items.

Here there are . they should be enough for the base classes, barbarian, immolator and dashing hero.

You should also be able to copy the document, so to add items specific to your own campaign.

Any suggestion is well appreciated!

4 thoughts on “ITEM CARDS!”

  1. You may want to consider spelling out what -1 ongoing means under the clumsy tag, since you’ve got the space. That will reduce some confusion for new players, and you have explanations for the other game terms like piercing.

  2. Thanks!

    Mmmh… yep, that may be a good idea!

    I’m also a little worried about adventuring equipment, throwing daggers and bag of books. I’m not sure i wrote them fine enough.

  3. Adventuring gear looks fine, though it should say “mark a use” not “mark an use”. Also on the Animal Companion you’re missing the last S on “Species”. It just says “Specie”. Just my quick glance proofreading suggestions. I didn’t read through thoroughly so there might be more things I missed.

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