Paramental (Solitary, Planar, Terrifying, Amorphous)

Bash (d10+2 damage) 19 HP (4 armor)

Close, Forceful

Special Qualities: Formed out of local city structures

Paramentals are the elemental spirits of inanimate forces. It is unclear whether they are drawn to cities because of the large quantities of “city-stuff” or created by them. When manifesting, they draw their physical substance from the materials nearby. Paramental entities are quite hostile to those unlucky enough to draw their attention, “about midway in nature between the atomic bomb and the archetypes of the collective unconscious.” The one example featured in the novel “Our Lady of Darkness” was a brown humanoid, with an eyeless triangular face and long chin that tapered to a snout.

Instinct: Destroys


Arcane construct

“From his window there thrust itself a pale brown thing that wildly waved its long, uplifted arms at him. While low between them, he could see a face stretched toward him, a mask as narrow as a ferret’s, a pale brown, utterly blank triangle, two points above that might mean eyes or ears, and one ending below in a tapered chin … a questing mouth that looked as if it were sucking for marrow.”

–from Fritz Leiber’s Our Lady of Darkness (1977)