5 thoughts on “Has anyone done a gonzo “every playbooks” DW game?”

  1. My worlds tend to be pretty high fantasy, so I tend not to restrict playbooks. Currently we have a game going that has a Technician, Fighter, Brawler, Gunslinger, Alchemist and Orc. This new setting is sci-fantasy though, otherwise I wouldn’t have the technician in there.

  2. I allow most playbooks, but I give them a read through first. Some are just too badly written to roll with for one reason or another.

    I usually get more unusual races than classes. I ran a short lived campaign where we played a game of Dawn of Worlds to make the setting first, and if I remember right we had a kobold Fighter, a sentient gorilla Artificer and a scorpion centaur-ish thing Barbarian.

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