12 thoughts on “Since AW has upgraded to 2nd Edition, is there any chance DW will be getting a 3rd Ed?”

  1. Why? AW’s moves don’t affect DW’s moves, AW’s please don’t affects DW’s playbooks, AW’s vehicle combat didn’t find into play in DW.

    What do you think would carry over?

  2. There was an older “Red Book” version of DW that was sold for a relatively short period of time. It was sort of like “Basic:” only 4 classes (5 with an expansion), a starter adventure in the book, but no other monsters or steadings or gear lists or anything.

    One could easily take that as a “first” edition. But it was always meant as something incomplete, a prelude to the final product.

  3. I mean, if they want to revise or add content and kickstart a fancy new book with a fancy leather cover or something I’d definitely buy it, but the game is pretty awesome as is, and it certainly doesn’t seem to require much work at the moment.

  4. More useful work would be to compile, organise and catalogue the thousands of fan made additions and hacks. There’s tremendous amounts of content out there but it requires some digging.

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