A Possible Way to Consolidate Rations, Adventuring Gear, Etc.

A Possible Way to Consolidate Rations, Adventuring Gear, Etc.

A Possible Way to Consolidate Rations, Adventuring Gear, Etc.

I’ve been tinkering with alternative travel moves for #Stonetop (https://goo.gl/DV5akZ) and that’s been making me think about rations, adventuring gear, and the like.

Which led to this. Not sure I’ll use it, but I might try it out.

It’s definitely a draft! Thoughts and questions welcome and appreciated!


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  1. Interesting. Reminds me of Perilous Wilds. Perhaps you could create a Stonetop Ranger move that works liked Wizard’s ritual but for ‘Chart a course move’ instead.

  2. Pur e awesomeness.


    In the “Succor” move i would replace

    “They cannot gain this benefit again until they take more damage or Make Camp.”


    “They cannot gain this benefit again until they Make Camp.”

    in order to avoid the weird situation in wich someone self-inflict 1d4 damage to cure themselves again, or something like that.


    The choices for “make camp” sound a little weird to me. I love the idea of a roll, but the results do not feel right.

  3. While I love to minimize book keeping and to simplify rules and weight / equip management, I feel that the standard DW rules about it are exactly my kind of tastes. So I don’t like this kind of oversimplification. Of course, matter of tastes.

  4. I’ve hit on some interesting thoughts for how to do it for my Darkest Dungeon World hack that I want to share and compare with this; no time right now though, so subbing.

  5. Andrea Parducci sure, I feel you. I actually like them a lot, too (and the Stonetop rules are pretty similar). But I’ve gotten a number of playtest reports from folk uninterested in managing the details. Also, the Chart a Course move lends itself to handwaving a lot of the day-to-day travel stuff. Like I said, I don’t know if I’ll actually end up using in Stonetop’s final form.

    Gerard Snow the Make Camp move is definitely borrowing a bit from Perilous Wilds, yeah. Assuming the Chart a Course move is what sticks, the ranger will moves to interact with it. The main one is getting a minimum 7-9 result when travel makes them Defy Danger or Struggle as One.

    Andrea Serafini yeah, I know what you mean… the choices feel a little weird, right? But I think they’re pushing play in interesting directions, and they all feel like the kinds of things that could happen during the “night in the field” sort of situation.

    What about them, specifically, feels wrong to you?

    One thing I toyed with was having it be a single roll (instead of each PC rolling), with each PC making their own choices. In that case, it might be that they choose 1 each on a 10+, 2 each on a 7-9, and on a 6- the camp is interrupted by danger and they’ll have to make camp again after.

  6. Jeremy Strandberg they do not seem to be a coherent whole, i think.

    “you have to spend 1 supplies” and “you get no rest” are pretty solid choices.

    “Gain 1 xp and something bad happens” is usually the province of a 6-. It feels in contrast with the 6- result. Is there a specific reason for which you decided to de-couple the 6- and the “bad things and experience”?

    “Pick a companion and confront them or confide them” is wonderful. Is the matter of thing you want to happen during a night like that. this said, it bears no mechanical weight in confront to the other options that mostly regard the condition of the camping and not the conditions of the persons camping there.

    This can be good if you give it mechanical weight.


    Funny thing, at the beginning of the reading, i thought the roll was only 1 for the group, not 1 for each person.

    I think just 1 roll for the group may be a good choice, since the modifiers aren’t based on the character stats.

    Then, you may allow everyone to make choices. I would advise you to explicitly append to every choice a narrative, or a question, like:

    – You did not rest properly – you gain no xp. Tell the table why you did not managed to rest.

    (Examples: It was cold and you did not have covers? Did you stood up all night drinking? Were you pondering about your lost wife?)


  7. I’ve read it now, and Yes! Very good! This is coincidentally almost identical to my epiphany that your entire “Pack” could simply be a bigger, more versatile Adventuring Gear, down to the “tiers” of quality and variety. Great minds think alike and all that.

    Since DDW will have a large variety of “Trades” instead of classes, I also have a move that allows a character to pull a more specific or rare piece of gear if it’s related to their Trade.

    It’s also similar to a suggestion I made for FotF 2.0 for a “Supply” stat that works similarly but is rolled instead, which I also might use. I think this style of manifesting gear makes a lot of sense for organized expeditions, which start with good preparation and supply at an outfitter, and/or needs a large list of different type of equipment that you don’t want to handle tracking, and will be replaced for the next expedition.

  8. For the listed design goals, it seems fantastic. I don’t think it’ll work super well for ration tracking on overland journeys though.

    Except where the game has a known economy (such as stonetop). For dungeon world though I think it will still fall flat. You run into the same problem of the group having too much cash for it to matter after a point.

  9. Updated Make Camp to be a single roll with either 1 party-member making 1 choice (10+) or each party member making 1 choice (7-9) or rest interrupted by danger. I think that’s better.

    Andrea Serafini regarding the choices themselves… on reflection, the “danger approaches camp” one was the main one that felt wrong. For starters, it was highly dissociated (the character couldn’t be the one making that decision) where as the other three are at least someone associated.

    Regarding the confront/confide choice, and the fact that it has no mechanics… I think that’s fine! You’re choosing to do some on-screen character development instead of paying a mechanical cost, and either choice (confront or confide) could snowball into something more.

    Also, I see where you’re coming from regarding prompting the player to explain why on each. But I don’t think that’s really necessary. I think that’s already handled nicely by principles (begin & end with fiction, ask questions & use the answers, etc.) and different groups and situations might call for different approaches. Like, most of the time I’d just ask the player why the didn’t sleep well, but sometimes I might be like “oh, sure, and here’s why… you kept having these terrible dreams about XYZ…”.

    Timothy Stanbrough, I actually think it’s pretty resilient to “we’ve got so much cash it don’t matter!” Weight and Load become the limiting factors. Each Supply is 1 wt, which adds up pretty quickly. If you’re using something like Chart a Course, one of the requirements could be something like “you’ll consume at least __ supplies en route.”

    With all that said, I’m becoming less and less sure I’m going to use it for Stonetop. I can’t figure out how to write a trigger for Make Camp in such a way that it doesn’t require a roll for each night spent journeying through a dangerous area. And being able to handwave a few days of travel is a definite design goal.

    Also, it’s starting to stray further away from core Dungeon World than I’m really comfortable with. If nothing else, it means that all sorts of the custom moves and items that are out there in the ether become unusable, because they reference rations or adventuring gear or whatnot.

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