Magic Door (Solitary, Stealthy, Intelligent, Construct)

Magic Door (Solitary, Stealthy, Intelligent, Construct)

Magic Door (Solitary, Stealthy, Intelligent, Construct)

Magic bolts (d10 damage) 12 HP 3 armor

Close, Ignores Armor

Special Qualities: Arcane Construct

Created to guard magic doors will only answer to the proper key or code word; often the answer to a riddle. Otherwise they delight in foiling intruders by sending them on false quests, directing them to traps or simply wasting time.

Instinct: Block entry

Guards access


Direct to doom

Dybbuk (Solitary, Magical, Terrifying)

Personality drain (d10 damage) 12 HP 0 armor

Close, Ignores Armor

Special Qualities: Undead, Incorporeal, Only harmed by magic or magical weapons

A dybbuk is a misplaced soul who has eluded judgment. Like a ghost, it lingers on in the mortal world, either trying to fulfill a need to right some great failure that has marked its soul for eternity or merely to spread torment. Most dybbuks desperately seek a new body to inhabit. A Dybbuk will “kill” a victim and then inhabit that body until driven out by death, spell or ritual.A Heal spell will be required to restore that person’s personality. Often confined in a “Dybbuk Box” or other cursed item.

Instinct: Possess innocents


Rectify failure

Inhabit human shells

Winter Medusa (Solitary, Devious)

Talons (d6 damage) 12 HP 0 armor


Special Qualities: Gaze turns victims into ice statues,Immune to cold

An icy cousin of the normal medusa; the winter medusa is seldom found outside regions of extreme cold.They love conversing and taunting their victims before adding them to their collection of ice statues.

Instinct: Show disdain

Collect ice statues

Gaze victim into ice


Harryhausen Medusa (Solitary, Construct)

Arrows (d6) or Constriction (d12 damage) 12 HP 2 armor

Close (Gaze or Constriction), Far (Arrows)

Special Qualities: Gaze turns humanoide to stone, Guardian of the Ancient World, Loves to talk, Darksight

A mixture of naga and medusa; more snake than woman the Harryhausen Medusa is usually a cursed guardian of ancient temples, treasures or portals to the Underworld. Amazingly strong, quick and deadly its weakness is often a fondness for toying with its prey. A keen archer even in total darkness.

Instinct: Gaze to stone

Collects statues, guards

Loves Harryhausen films

Likes to monologue

Yellow Musk Creeper (Solitary, Large, Devious)

Tendril (d6 damage) 16 HP 0 armor

Special Qualities: Sprays Yellow Musk Zombie Pollen

The yellow musk creeper is a hideous plant that grows in haunted graveyards, grisly battlefields, and other places where death hangs heavy in the air and thick in the soil. The yellow musk creeper’s method of procreation is singularly frightful—it slays the living, infests them with its seeds and pollen, then animates them as zombies. These zombies serve the plant as a guardian, but when new zombies are created, older ones wander off, collapsing and breaking apart to give seed to a new yellow musk creeper.

Custom Move: When you inhale yellow musk pollen, ROLL+WIS.

On a 10+, you keep control.

On a 7-9, choose 1:

You’re not dizzy for hours.(-1 on all rolls until you next make camp)

You don’t have to Defy danger vs. WIS to attack the musk.

You don’t take your friends for musk zombies.

On a 6-, you’re under the yellow musk charm. Fall asleep in the deadly embrace of the Yellow Musk Creeper, zombie soon to be…

Instinct: Spray Pollen

Yellow Musk Zombie (Group)

Bite (d6 damage) 6 HP 0 armor


A yellow musk zombie is a rotting creature from which wet green vines have sprouted. Treat a yellow musk zombie as a standard zombie, but it is not undead. It is a plant creation of the Yellow Musk Creeper. Instinct: Destroy Intruders!

Obey the Yellow Musk Creeper