55 thoughts on “Any interest in a DW one-shot this Friday, maybe around noon EST?”

  1. Sounds good! Brian Holland​ I can help you with hangouts before if you need it, and Cleric sounds fine for me. I’m thinking rogue for me if no one else wants to play it.

  2. I’ll be home around 6pm EST, and a test run will really help me out. I did go in and make sure video and sound worked this morning, but am unsure if I’ll need my headset or not.

  3. Are we still on for 11:00 Eastern? If Damian Jankowski or Chris Gill have a little time before hand I’d like to test hangout. I’ve NEVER used it before and don’t want to hang us up because of my ignorance of the software!

  4. Alright, sorry guys it looks like the power’s going to stay out for a bit. Sorry! Unless it pops back up in the next 20 mins I’m probably going to have to bow out of this one. Sorry guys, and sorry Brian Holland​! This literally just happened out of nowhere.

  5. Damian Jankowski and Chris Gill, hey sorry guys I’m not going to make it to a midnight game. I had fun playing today though and hope I get an opportunity to play Galen again some time!

  6. It was fun playing with you too Brian Holland! Hopefully we get a chance to play again soon!

    Damian Jankowski do you still want to run this tonight with me, Rory MacLeod, and (maybe) W. Flack?

  7. I’m heading to bed but I wanted to say that IF Rory MacLeod wanted to play Galen, I can totally see that Galen could have been changed quite a bit by what happened at the end of the session. It would not be unreasonable to have someone else play him, thus presenting the “new” Galen. I personally wouldn’t want to play someone else’s character, but I have no objection to someone else playing him, especially sense I went into it thinking he was just going to be a one-shot character. Just my thoughts! ‘Night all.

  8. Oh well, maybe some other time soon then? Either way, I think I’m going to hold on to Volund for a bit; started to like how the guy was turning out near the end.

  9. Damian Jankowski, W. Flack, Chris Gill, Rory MacLeod… I don’t know how your holiday schedules look, but despite it being Christmas Eve I would be able to play at 8:00pm tonight.

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