Living Statue (Solitary, Construct)

Fists (d10 damage) 14 HP, 1 armor


Special Qualities: Arcane construct

Living Statues are constructs like Golems, but usually more fragile and achievable at lower cost – represented by the generally weaker combat statistics and fewer magical immunities. The arcane short cut to creating a Living Statue is imbuing the creation with a greater degree of will. Independent thought makes Living Statues less reliable as guards and servants -they’re capable of interpreting commands loosely or abandoning their posts in the interests of self preservation. Living Statues are unaffected by Sleep, but they are affected by mind control – Charm and Hold spells can work against them – more evidence that a guiding consciousness is present within the construct, differentiating them from their more powerful Golem cousins. Living statues can be constructed from various materials but crystal and stone statues are the most common.

Instinct: Obey Creator

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