Long Shot Request:

Long Shot Request:

Long Shot Request:

A couple years ago I came across a resource that helped diversify steadings. I can’t find it anymore, and am hoping that the interwebs may be able to bail me out.

I don’t remember a lot from the table itself, but the author provided an example in which he/she used the random rolls to determine that the town musts be eroding as buildings are collapsing into the river. But one of the rolls came up with entertainment, like a festival. The inspiration led to a town that celebrates trying to be the last person to touch the building before it crumbles, etc.

Again, I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a link to where this could be found? My google-fu hasn’t turned up any results and I really miss the resource!

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  1. Those are great sources, but the article I recall had a simple table that you rolled on yourself, to provide inspiration. I had (have?) it in hard copy somewhere, but can’t understand why I didn’t keep a digital format/copy.

    I’ll keep tearing apart the garage, and if I find it I’ll link the source here. Unless someone finds it first.

  2. Given the age you seem to be referring to, are you sure it was a Dungeon World article and not a generic fantasy supplement? Might help the google-fu if we could narrow down the rule system it was written for, if any. You used the term steading which is pretty DW, but who knows 🙂

  3. The Perilous Wilds features tables for random Steadings generation, on pages 46-47. Sadly the charts don’t cover the features which you recall.

    There’s also the Location Builder chart in Grim World, but it’s not specifically about Steadings.

  4. Yes! Krzysztof Czopek, that’s it! There was an example with it, but that’s it exactly! So it wasn’t specifically DW, but I used it for steadings and must have merged the two in my head. Wonderful, thank you!

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