THE NAME is something no mortal should know.

THE NAME is something no mortal should know.

THE NAME is something no mortal should know.

It’s trapped in writing, under the cold waters of the sea, miles away from every human community.

It’s guarded by monks that gouged out their eyes and punctured they eardrums so that they will never be able to read or listen to it.

So, what does THE NAME does?

Why do the players would like to know it?

8 thoughts on “THE NAME is something no mortal should know.”

  1. The name, as it is referred to in many folk tales, is Death’s true name. People say that when it is heard or seen, they have been marked by Death. It is considered a signal, to one who sees or hears it, that a home in the bowels of the forgotten souls has been established for the victim to spend eternity within.

  2. It is the name of god. Those who hear it, and are unworthy of knowing it, burn immediately to ash. For those worthy however, they gain immortality and a place in the angelic heavens.

  3. It’s the name of creation itself, wreathed in the very writings that created the universe. To hear or read it is to know all of creation – all of past, present, and future. To know the name itself is to command the words of creation, and to rewrite reality as seen fit. But to know it, one must first survive it. To most, to know creation itself – and their small, insignificant mark upon it, is the road to madness. The Word and its writings are one of very few commonalities in the creation myths of the world.

  4. The name is: Dungeon World. It reveals the world to be a game, an illusion of a fickle creator GM and his or her players for whom all dance as an amusement to grisly deaths. The horror! The horror!

  5. THE NAME is not a verbal word, but a short song. The song sung by the creator as they wove the world into existence.

    After hearing this song, it will lodge itself in the listeners brain. They’ll see the pattern in all things. They’ll become obsessed with the repetitive melody, rhythm and tones of the world around them, and the fragility it’s all founded upon.

  6. Tanks everyone for your ideas, they gave me lots of inspiration.

    At the end i settled on this, but i fear it is a little bit too complex. what do you think?


    The true Name or reality is a precious power.

    This hodge podge of sounds isn’t that Name, but the wailing essence of the worlds that have been unchosen.

    When you know the Name and you utter it, mark any number of debilities, and choose a single change you want to make to reality. You can’t change in any way the Name or those who know it.

    Then, roll + the number of debilities you marked.

    On a hit, the change happens as you wished, even retroactively, and choose 1. On a 7-9, choose 1 more.

    One of the debilities you marked is permanent.

    Someone who you deeply feel for (GM choice, the kind of emotion does not matter) knows the name.

    The change is wider than you asked for.

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