5 thoughts on “First attempt at a Dungeon Starter.”

  1. I find this format a bit easier to understand and read than the landscape/columned format.

    Only suggestion: make the impressions longer and more colorfully worded. I use impressions to get me in the mindset for the game.

  2. The questions are good, but the last one is by far my favorite. I like how it establishes conflict and excitement.

    I’d like to see more Impressions as well.

    The Hidden Door custom move feels a bit too much like “save or die” to me. I don’t mean the characters will die if they sing the wrong name. I mean that the consequences of a wrong answer seem rather harsh, especially when finding the right answer seems so difficult to figure out.

    I like both of the items, especially the Pride of St. Ivy.

    For the monsters, I’m generally not a fan of written out 6- clauses. That’s just me personal preference though. A few of the 10+ results are “nothing happens” which feels a bit boring.

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