The People’s life is not easy.

The People’s life is not easy.

The People’s life is not easy. You live in a vertical world, a thin line between the sky and the dark tunnels inside the Wall.

But today – today the sunfuckers shine all around, and the drums sing your praises: the blue beckons.

It is the first day of your adulthood. Well, it could be.

What do you do?

3 thoughts on “The People’s life is not easy.”

  1. I’m trying to envision the setting.. a thin wall.. will sunlight on one side and darkness on the other? Aside from being thin (how thin?) the wall is infinite up, down, left and right?

    This reminds me of a science fiction story but not remembering much about it.

  2. My idea is that it’s like a giant mountain. On one side, you have an infinite sky, on the other you have caves and solid rock. this said, everyone can envision it as they wish.

    For the second question… i don’t know. I want it to be discovered by playing. One of the setting questions is “What do the legends say exist, apart the wall?” – so a player may say “nothing” or “the dead live on the top of the wall” or “the legend say we come from the sky, and one day something from the sky will come and take us.”

  3. Bob Bersch Are you thinking of the book On, by Adam Roberts? That’s immediately what I was reminded of too. (Not my favourite book; great worldbuilding, terrible “pro”tagonist and plot.)

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