7 thoughts on “New Adventure Starter draft: Goblin Combat Pits!”

  1. Andrea Parducci Actually as the use is for a free fan product and marked “free for reuse” on google images I think the “fair use” laws apply and I’m fine. If anyone at Pazio were simply to request it I would replace the art at once. This has been my problem creating products for DriveThruRPG since Jason Lutes is working on a little something called STONEKEEP!. Any artists out there who would like a very, very low paying but also quite easy fantasy gig? Chris Stone-Bush and I are still looking for a talented gal or guy for a tiny linked 5 starter project…

  2. “I think the “fair use” laws apply and I’m fine” — Sorry, but that’s completely wrong. It makes absolutely no difference whether you charge or not. It’s a violation of copyright law to take and use art in a publication of any kind, whether commercial or not. And then to slap a CC license on the page and not even credit the artists/sources of the art? Mmm. It raised my eyebrows. I know you aren’t trying to rip them off but it’s kind of unethical.

  3. Mark Tygart if you play/played Savage Worlds maybe you know this guy already, however… try to contact Storn Cook . He’s pretty good, somewhat “traditional”, and he keeps improving. AFIK he grants the use of his draws, if you publish Fan products, and you give proper attribution. Also, I can bet his prices for licensed images are pretty affordable. However, surely he’ll explain the whole thing better than me.

    Here you can find some example: http://stornart.com/concept-art-sketches/

  4. Ray Otus I decided to remove the art before reading your post, simply because I don’t want anyone to feel bad or unethical about any free fan product I’ve posted they may want to use in their game. I’m not doing this to injure anyone, simply share my love of the game and genre. If such a debate is taking place I realized I’ve already lost.

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