So, last night, Kathug, priest of Thalangul, “fell from grace” and has been stripped of all Cleric moves until he…

So, last night, Kathug, priest of Thalangul, “fell from grace” and has been stripped of all Cleric moves until he…

So, last night, Kathug, priest of Thalangul, “fell from grace” and has been stripped of all Cleric moves until he proves himself worthy. What are your ideas on how Kathug might regain favor in the eyes of his deity? Here’s some background….

1. Thalangul is a god of “laughing chaos” whose worship prevents plague. His symbol is the toad.

2. While exploring a dungeon, the cleric Kathug successfully called upon Thalangul (throwing in ALL of his remaining Favor) to bless his weapon so it could deal damage to the incorporeal foe.

3. Soon after, Kathug failed miserably while asking his god for additional favor. (We use the 2d6 table for TEST OF FAITH, so this was in fact “snake eyes” on test of faith. Ugh!)

4. Kathug and his comrades fled the wraith. It was later destroyed by the “ghostly guardians” summoned through the statue of an ancient dwarf lord.

5. A city-state, days away, has a temple of Thalangul. The nearest town has a shrine to Thalangul. A nearby village is afflicted with plague.

So… what’s a fallen cleric to do?

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  1. 1. Convince the people of the village (yes, despite having the plague) that they need to have a toad racing contest–no, a toad racing FESTIVAL. To be convincingly festive to Thanlangul, each resident of the village must eat a little toad-shaped biscuit, fresh baked.

    2. Three bee-you-tee-ful toads must be collected from the nearby swamp. I don’t know what makes for beauty in a toad, you better pray to Thalangul that you don’t pick ugly ones. Maybe the village should make little fancy clothes for the toads, just to be sure.

    3. The toad race course is from the plagued village to the town with the shrine, about three miles? The toads must be shepherded/cajoled along and can’t be carried. Along the race course are feral dogs, a creek with a huge, hungry snapping turtle, and a gang of very bad, toad-torturing kids. NO TOAD MAY BE LOST OR THE RITE IS FORFEIT!

    4. If you can get all three top-notch toads to the shrine, Thalangul will heal the village and restore the Kathug to honor. If he fails… well, he can explain to the livid villagers why he thought this plan would work. What, did he just make it up?

  2. Kathug, priest of Thalangul, must go to the village, then persuade those afflicted with plague as well as their families to swallow a live pollywog each in order to devote themselves to Thalangul and be cured. Should Kathug persuade them to do so through his charisma and faith (plus a little inspired roleplaying), Thalangul will forgive his priest. On the downside, any villagers who swallowed live pollywogs will slip into comas within d2 hours. 5d4 hours after slipping into comas, these villagers will stop breathing and toad people will violently emerge from their arses. These toad people will have the souls/personalities of the humans from whom they emerged. They will remain devoted to Thalangul per their oaths, but will believe Kathug deceived them and will seek retribution from him forever. Painful retribution.

  3. Thanks for these great suggestions. Here’s what happened.

    1. We rolled up Ond and discovered that it had a food shortage and was ruled by a Wizard.

    2. Kathug petitioned the Wizard to allow him to instruct the people in the worship of Thalangul, with plans to build an expensive (450 sp) shrine there. The irreligious Wizard refused vehemently and tried to drive Kathug off. Kathug wandered away. In the wilderness (after rolling snake-eyes for a DANGER which turned out to be a “blinding mist”, it was decided that the mist literally blinded Kathug.

    3. Guided by his companions, Kathug eventually returned with a gift for the Wizard and the villagers: 100 sp worth of food, in a cart drawn by a donkey, with the promise that there would continue to be further benefits as well. (They recruited a follower from the town’s Temple to drive the donkey).

    4. The Wizard relented and allowed the shrine to be built and the people to begin to worship (making offerings).

    5. At the ceremony of sanctification, Kathug was redeemed, regaining his cleric moves and his sight.

    PS: Swallowing a tadpole and toad racing will become part of the rites of Thalangul! “The Toad People” may yet make an appearance.

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