Hello All

Hello All

Hello All,

I have been GMing a game of Dungeon World on Roll20 (Tabletop service that is free online) for a little over a year. We use Team Speak as a voice communication as well, so a mic and headphones is highly recommended. It is an every other Wednesday night from 6:30-9:30 PM Pacific time. We have had up to 6 players in the past, that is too many, but we are now down to about 3 players, and I think the core/prime number of players for DW is 4 for the campaign. So, we are looking for one consistent and timely player. Please post if interested, and I’ll get you some info.

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  1. What’s the setting and style been like so far (tongue in cheek, more serious, heroic or mercenary, any notable twists on standard fantasy)?

    What’s the game been focusing on (dungeon crawls, a backdrop of war, working with a particular NPC or faction or going more freelance)?

    What’s the current roster like, and what’s your stance on out of core classes?

  2. Good questions all around. It is semi-serious, we get a few laughs in at times, but we keep it primarily realish. The focus is primarily on a backdrop of a cult that is trying to destroy the world. There have been a couple of dungeon crawls (33rd session coming up, and we have been in two dungeons that each took multiple sessions to conclude, four sessions for one, about 2.5 for the other). It is mid-fantasy and more mercenary. And more freelance. They have considered making an adventuring guild, they just haven’t gotten around to it. There is a backdrop setting of an impeding war between the people of the realms and the demonic forces that have been let loose upon the lands.

    The current roster is a fighter ratfolk, two wizards (one that got an apprentice so same PC playing them) that are a human girl and a older male wizard, and a younger elf male Hunter (custom class, which I allow a few of and have play sheets for if you are interested).

    Two of the players and myself have been playing a long time together (about 3 years) in other games including other campaigns of DW. The third player is newer to our group playing for the entirety of this campaign.

  3. So, a realm on the brink of war with infernal forces, a cult trying to speed along the apocalypse, and a small band of mercenaries trying to keep the world alive long enough to make a living? Sounds solid, color me interested too.

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