New GM here.

New GM here.

New GM here. I was wondering if you kind folks could recommend some oneshots? “Sinister Solstice” looks nice for the upcoming holiday season. I’ve also checked out “Tower of the Black Pearl”, which I believe was modded over from D&D.

We already participate in a regular D&D campaign, but it’s not frequently that all of us can make it. The group is getting antsy, so my friend and I have thought about just running oneshots during the weeks that we all can’t get together.

I’ve had Dungeon World for a while but haven’t mustered the courage until now to try my hand at GMing. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. I ran “The Escape” at a gaming convention recently. It went in entirely unexpected dimensions as the party Wizard seized control of the army of the dead from his master and then attempted to blackmail the Paladin who had inherited the city under siege from her (now deceased) father.

    Great fun!

  2. I am a big fan of everything Joe Banner writes for DW. The dungeons in Perilous Deeps by Jason Lutes are really cool. You could also have a look at the Dungeon Starters by Mark Tygart and Marshall Miller. Btw: Tower of the black Pearl is a DCC adventure and super awesome (both the original and the DW conversion)

  3. Glad you are taking the plunge to start GMing. There will be bumps, but fun will be had. Trust in your ability to make stories up on the fly, because DW supports that really well.

    And remember, the players are the engine that makes DW work, when you are blanking and not sure what to do, ask the players why, where, what… why is Logan the Thief in Valesmarch? Where & Who is Dokanos the Bold’s true love? Let them contribute in ways that a normal D&D game really is not set up to do.

  4. One page dungeons are an excellent resource. The map is drawn. You can ignore the verbiage and fill in the blanks. And, of course, the aforementioned DW starters are just excellent.

  5. All these are great resources, but don’t shy away from creating your own too. The Perilous Wilds has an easy dungeon creation section that I love to use to roll up a small dungeon in advance of a one shot. Easy to use and the perfect size for a single session. Just add the climactic encounter at the end and you’re all set. Only takes about an hour or a little more if you’re having fun. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy GMing. I started a few months ago and it’s been a fun and rewarding experience.

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