Could use some beta testers.

Could use some beta testers.

Could use some beta testers… We have a new random Dungeon World Monster Generator. Creates all the stats and tags – based on the Perilous Wilds Monster Generator. My favorite is the Centipede-chicken…

Some samples:


#: horde, Sz: tiny, Tags: winged, HP: 3, Armor: 0, DMG: 1d6, Rng: hand


#: group, Sz: small, Tags: defense, HP: 6, Armor: 2, DMG: 1d8, Rng: close

Rhino spirit lord

#: solitary, Sz: standard, Tags: disintegrate, HP: 12, Armor: 3, DMG: 1d10, Rng: Close

Lesser horror

#: group, Sz: standard, Tags: immunity (death), element (fire), tentacles, many eyes, organized, HP: 6, Armor: 4, DMG: 1d8, Rng: close


#: solitary, Sz: huge, Tags: snare, tentacles, element (water), magic (evocation), HP: 20, Armor: 3, DMG: 1d10+3, Rng: reach


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