I have a question about “multiclassing” with the Artificer class.

I have a question about “multiclassing” with the Artificer class.

I have a question about “multiclassing” with the Artificer class. I have a character concept of an Assassin who uses his own improvised gadgets and tools to get the job done. What I’m thinking is using the Grim World Human racial move to give up an Assassin starter move for an Artificer one.

The question is, the “gadget belt” starter move on it’s own is a kind of useless, and needs the “field test” starter move to gain half it’s functionality. Is it safe to assume that you’d get both when taking it as a multiclass move? The precedent I’m looking at is I read somewhere that when you multiclass as a wizard, you get a spell book along with the ability to prepare and cast spells (although I can’t find where I first read this).

I know we could just house rule it as we see fit but I’m wondering if anyone’s run into this before with multiclassing specifically.

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  1. I would disagree here from a strictly RAW perspective since it says “dependent on each other.” Cast a Spell, Spellbook, and Prepare Spell are all useless without the other two moves. Field Test is dependent on Gadget Belt, but the reverse is not true. Gadget Belt is useful on its own as you can make and use gadgets with various tags as weapons, armor, and for alternate movement. Taking Cast a Spell and the other two moves doesn’t also give you Spell Defense even though Spell Defense is dependent on the ability to have ongoing spells.

  2. Hmm, I guess that’s the trouble when looking at any non-core class with synergy and getting it to fit the original rules.

    However, I have just now noticed the tiny little asterisk on Artificer (right below the Class name) that would have answered my original question anyway! The class creator notes that “*when a player takes the field test move as a multiclass move, they also gain the gadget belt move, but with 1 gadget.” Might as well leave this here in case anyone else gets confused.

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