Spell Hound

Spell Hound

Spell Hound

These beasties were bread during the Wizard War to hunt down and neutralize spell slingers. They’re fast and cunning, and some say their bark will freeze a man in his tracks.

Instinct: To hunt magic

*detect magic

*lock eyes with a target and bark Hold Person spell

*maul an immobile target

Concept stage… how can I make this better please?

14 thoughts on “Spell Hound”

  1. I like it. Here’s some slightly more flavorful moves. I like moves that I can almost read outloud in play.

    * sniff out magic in the air

    * freeze someone in place with a bark

    * overbear and sink it’s teeth in

  2. Maybe a pack of six or more will begin braying and howling and the sound of it messes up spells.

    When you cast in the midst of a pack of spell hounds and roll 7 to 9, choose one.

    -1 to damage

    The target of the spell is determined at random

    Something odd happens, determined by the MC

    One of the hounds eats the spell and will shit it out or vomit it up later

  3. Aaron Griffin, any time I put up a move you always come up with a MUCH better way to say the same thing. Thanks!

    Robert Doe, I was actually thinking even +2 Armor vs magic. I also like the idea of dampening magic power. What does everyone think of a new tag: anti-magic (or similar) that give -1 to spellcasting rolls in it’s vicinity?

  4. Judd Karlman, I like that. A custom move that’s triggered when you cast a spell in the vicinity. A roll wouldn’t even be necessary. The GM can choose something off the list. I especially like the last option because I was thinking of a spell siphon effect.

  5. Brian Holland I like the idea of the new tag. Maybe call it spellbane? Why do I like it? I like rog’s for risk more than any other reason. The fear of actually dying is crucial to games I’ve most enjoyed.

  6. Erik Buchanan​, after further thought, giving it immunity to magic cleans up the design quite a bit. I don’t need a magic dampening move or tag. Magic Immunity covers all that in a neat little two-word package!

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