Hi there!

Hi there!

Hi there! Don’t know if there’s someone who understands Italian but here It is my first DW class, inspired to Full Metal Alchemist. It’s completely free so, if someone manage to translate it, just give me the credits and let me know if it works!

Originally shared by Andrea Di Stefano

Oserei dire che stavolta ci siamo proprio! Dopo un po’ di confronti (dentro e fuori la community) mi sono accorto che più guardavo il Trasmutatore più non mi ci trovavo: troppo legato all’anime e poco personalizzabile per essere una classe di DW. Dopo un bel lavoro di revisione sono arrivato finalmente ad un risultato che mi aggrada: sicuramente ci saranno cose da sistemare, ma essendo la mia prima classe spero chiuderete un occhio :p

Special thanks to Giulia Avola per il solito eccezionale lavoro di design 😀


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  1. Christian Hundahl Hi! At first, thank you for the feedback, I can assure you didn’t make a fool of yourself 😀 You didn’t even imagine how I appreciate your efforts even if you barely read Italian, so thank again!

    I’m really happy that you catch my purpose on writing the class, this is giving both the player and the GM a tool customizable and full of references for the fiction ^^ I just ask you more details about your opinion concerning Element Air, I’m not sure I understand your point but I’m really curious! As far as the damage, You have already the possibility to choose “Ricomposizione” on 2nd level. If you have seen the anime like it seems to me, this move is Scar’s standard attack. Before you gain this move, I think it’s interesting find out how the player can damage the opponent. For instance you can create a spear at the right moment during an opponent’s attack using the Rock element, or maybe you can use fire (directly or indirectly making an explosion) like Mustang..what do you think?

    Last but not least, as you can read both on the playbook and on the original post, the design (xp dots included :p ) is an awesome and original creation of Giulia Avola so all the greetings must be given to her 😀

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