7 thoughts on “Could someone lplease explain the arbitray nature of n Ammo?”

  1. The whole point of abstract ammo is to not track how many arrows you’ve got. It’s a notional currency, meant to be cinematic, not precise. Did you shoot a lot of arrows? Then it’s probably time to spend Ammo. What counts as ‘a lot’ varies with the fiction and character. Think of action movies and when guns get reloaded. They aren’t counting bullets according to the magazine capacity of each individual firearm, and neither should you.

  2. How many arrows? Some. A bundle. Enough. Seriously, that’s the answer; the game models fantasy fiction, and it doesn’t really care about details that aren’t important to that fiction. It doesn’t matter how many arrows Legolas has until it’s his last one, and it’s only his last one when it’s dramatically appropriate (I.e., when his player marks his last Ammo). Don’t stress out trying to count beans, it’s not worth worrying about and not beneficial to the game.

  3. And/or require that they expend ammo to do something cool/interesting.

    “Can I aid Ovid’s Defy Danger to get past them?”

    “Maybe, how do you do that?”

    “I want to shoot a bunch of arrows into the brush, not really hoping to hit anything but to keep them ducking and covering.”

    “Cool, sure, put that’ll use up 1 Ammo at least. You do it?”

    “Yup. Huh, a 7. So I grant the +1, but expose myself to danger, retribution, or cost.”

    “Huh. Well that +1 makes the difference, and Ovid, you get away clean. As for the 7-9… tell you what, you can expend 2 Ammo total to keep them really pinned down, or else some of them are gonna start shooting back at you. Which do you choose?”

  4. Your session has already started, so this is probably a bit too late to help, but in addition to all the good stuff above, have a read of the Volley move to understand how the abstract ammo mechanic works. From your question I’m guessing you saw “n Ammo” in the equipment list but hadn’t read the move.


    The 7-9 result on Volley gives the player a few different options for how to deal with their partial success, and one of the options is to use up one ammo. Otherwise, they don’t need to mark off anything when they Volley – no need to tick off one arrow for every shot, or to assume that one Volley is firing a single arrow.

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