Hey folks, have you ever done an “epilogue” kind of adventure?

Hey folks, have you ever done an “epilogue” kind of adventure?

Hey folks, have you ever done an “epilogue” kind of adventure? A more lighthearted, more personal small story where the players wrap the small details, find out what happened to the NPCs they encontered during the campaign and whatnot?

I’m asking this because last weekend me and my brother continued our one-on-one campaign, but to my surprise, after some clever decisions his character made (and an amazing streak of 10+’s during the whole session) he dealt such a powerful blow against the villains (their main leaders killed and their main source of power gone), it really felt like the campaign front was solved before I was expecting, which is not a bad feeling at all, it was an amazing and “very cinematic” session that ended with a satisfactory feeling of “job’s done”.

With that said, my brother’s character still got some levels before hitting the cap, and we both feel that his thief’s story is not over yet, but I’m not sure what direction it should take: an epilogue kind of thing or maybe a new threat arrising, taking his PC to another campaign front?

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  1. If you think it’s appropriate. But if you both feel the character’s story is “over,” You could have his character take on an apprentice for your brother to play.

    continues the character’s story. Without you having to contrive “Well a new threat has suddenly shown up. And they are even worst then the last!” As you can have a time skip for the apprentice to be recruited and trained to a decent level.

  2. You could start a new campaign, set in the same world but maybe 50 years later (or any interval really). The old characters stories are now the new characters lore and you can “finish” their tale while creating a new one in the proccess.

    I’ve done that a couple times. When a player has his new character walk into town and discover the statue that the townsfolk erected of his previous character, it can be pretty exciting for everyone at the table.

  3. We did a one shot once with returning characters, with a bit of a time akip. It was actually quite cool to see how the characters changed .

    But there was still a baddy to go against, Im not to sure an epilogue would work because where’s the danger and interesting decisions?

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