5 thoughts on “I started working on the cover for the mage.”

  1. Shaken, Not Stirred​ combination between veigar and a black mage actually (from where vivi’s style comes from), which in return is very similar to gandalf’s attire. Also notice the hat has a face (Harry Potter) , this is my homage to all of them. Stay tuned for the final art 🎨

  2. Shaken, Not Stirred my plan is to add them (dude in the cover) as a race. They are born out of pure arcane energy, their skins have a varied range of colors. I’ll make sure to depict them with different skin tones and attire. As for the class itself it will be very tied to magic schools and generic effects based on those schools from which you can cast spells from without making them overpowered. Like I said, I’ve taken this as a creative challenge. Hopefully it will be a good playbook :p

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