How has everyone been dealing with dual wielding weapons.

How has everyone been dealing with dual wielding weapons.

How has everyone been dealing with dual wielding weapons. So far I have been using them like they are both attacking and causing the full damage rolled by the player and if they roll above a 12 they may double the damage.

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  1. I don’t understand the question… weapons don’t determine the damage. They help you determine fictional positioning for what is and isn’t possible, but largely the class determines the damage…

  2. Characters can use one weapon, two weapons, five weapons or no weapon. Whatever they think is cool that they can describe using to trigger moves. It has no effect on the damage dice that are used.

  3. the Ranger has a move that gives them the ability to deal extra damage for their off-hand strike. I personally would not allow extra damage, but instead allow them to roll damage twice and take the better result.

    Or, i like what Tim Jensen said

  4. If your player wants to make this a core part of the character, in a more concrete way than just flavoring the narrative, consider developing some compendium class moves with the player that they can take in place of their usual advanced moves on level up. Since you’re using up a ‘move slot’ now, you have more flexibility to introduce interesting mechanics. For inspiration, consider the types of exaggerated things that dual wielding usually does in fantasy, like deflecting attacks while simultaneously striking, fighting two people at once, etc.

    Maybe a compendium class move like when you deflect a ranged attack with your offhand weapon while simultaneously striking your opponent, roll + DEX… (mechanically, this basically lets the player replace certain types of Defy Danger with a move that lets them do something proactively in direct response.)

    Alternately, if the player doesn’t want to commit to a move, you can just try to feature it heavily in the narrative, flavoring successful defy danger as deft parries, successful hack and slash as bypassing defense with precise bladework, etc. You can have the player handle a lot of this: “Yeah, you did enough damage to kill him; describe how that happens.”

  5. When multiple monsters attack you add +1 damage for each extra monster. You don’t roll separately, the aim is to simplify not complicate.

    So if a player wanted to make a point of dual wielding I’d probably just give them +1 damage to be nice.

    However, like everyone else says – in DW your fists are as effective as a sword.

  6. I saw some dual axes on a character’s gear somewhere that mentioned having +1 damage. I took that as being because of having two. But yeah, everyone seems to have the same opinion I do. You can more easily walk up and stab two guys with two swords. It’s just fiction (unless you get a move for dual wielding)

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