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  1. Yep. Nothing to add to that, but in case you might be wondering whether Jeremy Strandberg is offering opinion as fact, he’s not. He’s absolutely correct.

  2. Jeremy Strandberg, How does this apply to a move like Carouse where there might be a ‘designated roller’, but presumably several party members have contributed some coin to make the roll happen? I actually haven’t had a miss on this come up yet, but it’s very likely my next session is going to start with a Carouse to celebrate freeing town from a corrupt official.

  3. It’s unclear! I think that a strict reading of the rules would say “only the one rolling marks XP,” but there’s more to it than that.

    Nothing in the Carouse move actually says “pick 1 person to roll for the group.” So, you could argue that each PC who spends 100 coin should be making their own roll and suffering their own consequences.

    Personally, I would first interrogate the fiction, to see who really is doing the carousing (the paladin, for example, might be off doing their own thing). Maybe break it down into 2 or more grups, if appropriate. Then, for each group, I’d then have someone roll and make their own choices. On a miss, I’d have all members of said group mark XP, but whatever consequences their were, I’d make sure it landed on each group.

    Or maybe not… depending on the fiction we established up front (and maybe some leading questions), I might pick 1 PC to take the brunt of the miss, and only they mark XP (even if they didn’t roll).

  4. Jeremy Strandberg

    I like the idea of giving the players an option of who can take the miss and hence the XP.  “Mage, I think maybe you tried to do some magical party tricks in the tavern and things got a bit out of hand; if you’re okay with that, you can mark XP and we can find out what happens.”  If he doesn’t agree, propose an alternate complication for a different character. 🙂

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