Burning Wheel

Burning Wheel

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Burning Wheel

My twelfth #Inktober drawing is another #DungeonWorld magic item, the Burning Wheel.

Today’s drawing is of a cleric encountering a Burning Wheel in Dungeon World. I thought trying to depict a powerful and terrible religious experience would be an interesting problem. I had a lot of fun with this one.

I hope you like my attempt at drawing my take on this magic item from the core rulebook.

I’m participating in #Inktober this year in support of my #ExtraLife campaign to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children. I’m going to draw monsters, weapons, and magic items from the #DungeonWorld rulebook and from the Dungeon World Codex (http://codex.dungeon-world.com).

If you like the drawings and would like to support me in Extra Life this year, you can donate to my campaign at http://www.extra-life.org/participant/jimjones.

You have my sincere appreciation if you do.

This past weekend Adrienne and I ran our 24 hour Extra Life board game marathon that benefits Riley Hospital for Children. We had over one hundred unique visitors with over two hundred visits over the weekend. We had a ton of free food, including multiple smoked barbecue pork butts, three egg breakfast casseroles, homemade lasagna, deli sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs and four different kinds of chili. We ended up running multiple board game tournaments and a couple of sessions of Two Rooms and a Boom. Finally, we gave away over eighty Play-to-Win board games and had over one hundred and fifty silent auction items.

All the money that I raise goes directly to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. My youngest daughter, Rogue, had a life saving cranial reconstruction surgery at Riley when she was just a little over one year old. Today, she is a happy and healthy almost six year old who is thriving in kindergarten.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. My two favourite RPGs in one image. What’s not to love? Fun fact for the uninitiated: The Burning Wheel originated in a long-running D&D campaign of Luke Crane’s before it became the titular object of his cult RPG (and was later included in DW as a tribute). So the fabled wheel has now rolled through (at least) three different game systems.

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