6 thoughts on “I cannot find any reviews on the Perilous Deeps?”

  1. Hi +Lauri Maijala,

    The only two reviews of Perilous Deeps of which I’m aware are on the DriveThruRPG listing:


    Brightrock Barrow is by +Jeremy Strandberg. It outlines the burial place of a corrupt elven noble and the doomed souls attached to her. There’s a scheming sorcerer, the ghost of an ex-lover, and… [spoilers].

    I’ve uploaded a sample pdf of the adventure here which includes the first 4 pages (out of 10). This should give you a good idea about the flavor and content:


    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Jason Lutes Thanks! I really hope summaries of adventures would be included in either the first pages (visible via preview) or in the description. It really helps out.

  3. Here’s my review: “A+. Wonderful stuff. A must have if you enjoy The Perilous Wild and other recent offerings from L&B. Rich with inspiration and variety. Let me put it another way… when you see a chance to get Jeremy Strandberg, Johnstone Metzger, Jason Lutes, Joe Banner, Claytonian and Adam Koebel between one set of covers? JUMP ON IT!”

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