8 thoughts on “Hey yall! Is there an Atlantean class in dungeon world? I want to add mermaids to my playable races.”

  1. You could do both – have a merfolk race which has race moves for the base classes if you want to play a mermaid fighter or merman wizard or whatever, but also have a Merfolk Noble or something which is a whole class based around the ancestral connection between the people and the sea.

    I don’t know of anything like that myself, but you might be able to pillage something from the various racial classes from these pages:



  2. That’s cool. I don’t picture water control when I think of Merfolk, but that’s just my version Michelle Jones . If your version of an Atlantean includes water control then you could make that their racial move, or make a whole new playbook around it as Robert Rendell suggests. 😀

  3. Dark Heart of the Dreamer describes something called Heritage moves. Here’s a quick and dirty take on it:

    At the beginning of the session, or when you give into your racial quirk, hold 2 heritage. You may spend a heritage to make one of your racial heritage moves, no roll necessary. Heritage moves do not give a mechanical benefit (bonuses to rolls), rather, they grant a fictional benefit which may overcome fictional hurdles.

    Dwarf heritage moves:

    Resist poison

    Identify stonework or craftsmanship

    See clearly in the faintest of light

    Quirk: Give into gold-greed

    Elf heritage moves

    Act with uncanny grace

    See what lies far beyond mortal sight

    Hear what nature whispers to you

    Quirk: Lament the passing of beauty

    Halfling heritage moves

    Avoid the notice of the bigger people

    Catch a minor moment of good luck

    Shake off fear or despair

    Quirk: Explore something dangerous without a plan

  4. Michelle Jones​ there’s a Channeler in The Grim World stuff that you could pick water as the element it controls. Then slap on a mermaid racial move and there ya go! Also, if you need a custom class or compendium class made, you know I’m the guy lol. Just shoot me a text of what you want it to be like/what you think it should do.

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