5 thoughts on “Has someone written a simple Compendium Class for Knight?”

  1. ^^

    In addition, give them a starting move that relates to mounted combat until you have additional time to flesh out the details.

    Mounted Defense

    When attacking from a mount and positional advantage, any damage you would receive from your target can be redirected to your mount.

    Authoritative Presence

    When you give orders to a sentient NPC while mounted, Roll+CHA

    10+ The orders get followed to the best of their abilities.

    7-9 The target requires something first. The GM will tell you what.

    6- Ha! What a joke. Your standing as a respectable knight is worthless here. Are you even that respectable?

  2. Robert Doe I don’t know how I like that second move…it seems a little odd that you could potentially boss around a god with a good role or have your own squire laugh in your face (although both of these things, even if dissonant, would certainly move the story in new directions!)

  3. It’s also an easy “fix” if you don’t like it; change the trigger to “when you invoke your rightful authority as a knight” and you can avoid any crazy “simon says” kind of antics.

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