The Deck of Many Things.

The Deck of Many Things.

The Deck of Many Things.

I didn’t know about this, really. I come from the side of RPGs that isn’t D&D and Pathfinder, but from what I gather it’s a somewhat controversial item. Some people think it’s truly amazing, and some people seem to hate it.

Has anyone tried to make a version for Dungeon World, and if so, what did it look like?

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  1. When you draw a card from the Deck of Many Things Roll + 0:

    6- The GM makes a hard move: Suggested Reveal a new enemy, take away their stuff, seperate the party,

    7-9 Choose 1: Mark XP, The next time you defeat a monster in single combat, gain a level, change your alignment immediately, gain one magic item (gm’s choice), take +1 forward on your next Discern realities check.

    10+ Choose 1: Gain a level, gain a major mostly beneficial magic item (gm’s choice), +1 to two ability scores, take a move from another class,

    You may choose to draw another card, but each subsequent roll is at a cumulative -1

  2. I’ve started thinking of the Deck of Many Things as a super-accelerated version of a certain type of play. Go into a dungeon, lose an arm, find 10,000gp – all compressed into a few card draws.

  3. For what it’s worth, and to add to Lester Ward’s comment, I started using the Whispering Deck in my campaign a few sessions back and my players absolutely love it.

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